Tattoo Training Institute In Bangalore 

Tattoos are personalities worn on the sleeve, literally. And it’s no surprise that there’s always a bold new design, or an exciting concept right around the corner. With people constantly making a mark on their bodies, maybe it’s time to consider making a mark on your future!

Tattooing isn’t a novel idea, and over the centuries each country has come up with a unique sense of style. If you would like to be a part of this global tribe, it’s time for you to begin tattoo training in Bangalore.

From extravagant Japanese creations to minimalist modernism, you can learn to develop and ink your own designs. The best part of it all is that you don’t need any prior experience or knowledge to join a tattoo course in Bangalore.

Your journey can take you places!

Our artists from the Chennai and Bangalore branches have visited various countries as travelling artisans and showcased their works at conventions and other events. With some imagination, determination and a whole lot of practice, your journey from a tattoo training institute in Bangalore could be the stepping stone to an international adventure.

Learn Tattoo Course From The Experts

We believe in providing the best for all our students. That’s why you’ll find artists from all over the world at the premier tattoo training institute in Bangalore to provide an enriching experience to aspiring artists.

With internationally certified experts waltzing through our doors, and students from across the world, tattoo training in Irezumi Bangalore is a winning proposition.

Working for it

A typical tattoo course in Bangalore includes basic theory lessons and plenty of hands-on experience. Art will be your language, and skin, your canvas. You’ll learn how to apply tattoos in a hygienic environment, and learn trade secrets on the safest and most ideal way of tattooing.

Course Options

There are 3 types of courses available:

  1. A Basic 2-week course – for those who want to learn to tattoo as a hobby or just want to try their hands at something new
  2. An Intermediate 3-week course – for those aspiring to get jobs as tattoo artists
  3. An Advanced 5-week course – for those serious enough to take up tattooing as a profession

Certificates will be given on completion of a course and on meeting high work standards.

The tattoo business is a growing industry in the country and does well in both small and large cities alike. However, it takes dedication and skill to truly make it to the top. We, at Irezumi, will provide you with not just the training, but also the know-how on how to set up and manage a successful business anywhere in the country.

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